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Jobsite Audits

OSHA Inspections Assistance
An OSHA inspection can be an unsettling experience, especially if you are a small company and are not accustomed to having inspectors questioning your employees and supervisors about safety practices and procedures. But even seasoned construction supervisors from large corporations get a little nervous when OSHA arrives on the jobsite. You don’t have to go through this on your own. SafetyTech Consultants has a long and successful history of supporting our clients in OSHA matters, including onsite assistance during an inspection, and representation during informal conferences and contestment hearings. We can help to insure that any alleged citations were actual, justifiable, and legal. We also can help negotiate those alleged citations down in severity and penalty, or in some cases, obtain complete dismissal of the citations. Let our experience and knowledge assist you when you need it most. We’re just a phone call away.

Accident Investigation
An accident on a jobsite can have a huge impact on a company, especially if there are injuries or fatalities involved. Our trained investigators can assist you in determining the root cause of the accident, and help to implement preventative measures or procedures to insure that the same type of accident does not reoccur. We conduct a fair, impartial investigation to determine the cause, not blame, and we provide detailed, concise reports that include witness statements, photographs, victim diagnosis and prognosis, light duty recommendations, interaction with medical providers, and other pertinent information to use in policy and procedural change. We hope that you will never need this part of our services, but we are here and ready to help you if the need arises.

Full-Time Onsite Safety
There may come a time where you take on a project that requires a dedicated, full-time onsite safety presence. Many companies have a safety director or coordinator, but they may not be able to spare that person to monitor one jobsite while performing their normal duties. SafetyTech Consultants can provide experienced, trained personnel to provide this coverage so that you can meet the safety needs of all your projects. All of our consultants have a minimum OSHA OTI 30-hour Construction certification, and many are authorized OSHA OTI 500 Outreach Trainers. If you have a need for a full-time, onsite safety representative, give us a call to give you a quote on our onsite services.

Daily Competent Person Inspection Checklists
OSHA requires that “a frequent and regular inspection” of a jobsite be performed by a competent person to identify and correct any hazards that may be present. There are also certain activities (trenching, scaffolding) that require specific inspections. OSHA has the belief that “if you didn’t write it down, you didn’t do it”. A checklist is the most efficient means of providing these inspections, for three reasons:

• No matter who does the inspection, the same items
  are inspected
• The checklist allows for interruptions of the inspection,
  resuming it where you left off
• It provides documentation of the inspection

SafetyTech Consultants has created Daily Competent Person Inspection checklists to assist your employees in identifying these hazards so they may be corrected before they become a problem. These checklists are specific to the trade, such as general contractor, roofing, framing, concrete work, and others, and cover such hazards as electrical power and cords, ladders, PPE, fall hazards, and other issues. We also have specific inspection forms covering trenching work and scaffold work to assist your competent person in providing a safe work place for your employees. Our forms have been reviewed during numerous OSHA inspections and are unanimously accepted as meeting the criteria for both inspection and documentation requirements. Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already rolling? Contact us and let our experience lighten your safety workload!

Jobsite Audits
Our team of consultants at SafetyTech, conducts onsite safety audits to provide clients with the feel of what an OSHA inspection is like. We also perform inspections on a routine basis to assist your safety department in maintaining a safe and healthful workplace for your employees. We perform these audits on whatever schedule the client requests, whether it be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or as needed. Our consultants are experienced in helping your onsite supervision to identify and correct problems encountered on each jobsite, as well as providing suggestions for corrective and proactive actions. A written report of the findings of the inspection, as well as the corrective actions taken, is provided for each visit. Serious violations are immediately faxed to your office to provide you with up-to-the-minute information about the level of safety on your jobsites.

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Let SafetyTech assist you in catching unsafe conditions and behaviors before an accident or an OSHA inspection catches them. Contact our office to arrange a consultative interview to determine your needs, and let us work with you to insure the continued safety of your employees.
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