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Orientation Videos

Your company should be providing orientation safety training for each newly hired employee on your company’s safety rules. You may even have a jobsite that requires each employee to be trained in the site specific rules and requirements of that site before beginning work. This normally requires a supervisor to spend between a half-hour to an hour for each employee or group of employees that comes onto the site. An orientation video would not only free up that employee for other tasks, but will ensure the delivery of consistent information to each employee. SafetyTech Consultants has the creative and technological know-how to write, film, edit, and produce these videos for you. Available in both Spanish and English, these videos can provide required training for your employees at a fraction of the cost that a qualified trainer would entail.

Ask us today about creating a custom video for you, featuring your management, supervision, and employees, so that your new hires will learn the correct procedures by watching their fellow employees working in accordance with your safety rules.

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