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Site Specific Plans
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Lifting Plans
Many large industrial projects require that any use of lifting equipment, such as cranes, boom trucks, or hoists, must be done according to a written lifting plan to provide equipment and rigging calculations, allow coordination of activities, and establish controlled access zones. SafetyTech Consultants can assist your company in creating and implementing these plans, including training of your employees in the procedures and requirements stated in the plan. Contact us for more details if your company is preparing to start a project that will require a written lifting plan.
Conference Space
You want to train your employees, but you have no available place to hold the class? SafetyTech Consultants can help! We have a mobile training unit that seats 24 people. This unit is self-contained, with electricity, heat, and air conditioning, to provide an environment conducive to learning. We bring the
classroom to YOU! Call us for more information on booking our mobile training unit today!
Site Specific Safety Plans
• activity list evaluation
• project scope
• safety orientation, all phases
• key points/procedures
• confined space
• falls, ladders, scaffolds
• air quality
• hazmat
Fall Protection
• Competent person responsibilities/issues
• Daily instruction training/methods

• Surface condition review
• Erection process
• Equipment list

Both federal and state OSHA programs require companies to provide safety training for their employees. SafetyTech Consultants provides a comprehensive training program for its clients and their employees. We offer training sessions in the following subjects:

• OSHA 10- and 30-hour Construction Safety
• Forklift Operator Safety
• Crane/Boom Truck Operator
• Trenching and Excavation
• Trenching and Excavation Competent Person
• Scaffolding
• Scaffolding Competent Person
• Steel Erection
• Fall Protection
• First Aid
• Hazard Communication
• Lockout / Tagout
• Confined Space Entry
• Energized Work Procedures (as found in NFPA 70E)
• MSHA Part 46/56
• Ladder Safety
• Scissor and Boom Lift Safety
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Site Specific Plans
Often, a company encounters a project that requires a site-specific safety program in addition to its company safety program. Some of these situations may include:

• Steel Erection
• Crane Operations
• High-Risk Operations, such as silica or lead work
• Confined Space Entry Operations
• Special Situations and Operations

SafetyTech Consultants can assist your company in developing and implementing these programs. Contact our office to help you build your site-specific program today!

We also combine subjects to provide our clients with two-, four-, and eight-hour comprehensive training sessions to teach your employees to recognize hazards that they may encounter on the job. We also issue certification cards for many of our classes, so that individual verification of training can be done onsite.
Contact us to design a training curriculum that encompasses
your exposures in your workplace.

High Risk
Most construction activities are inherently dangerous. There are some tasks, however, that are considered more hazardous than the average construction activity, and pose an elevated threat to your employees’ safety if not done properly. These include:

• Energized Electrical Work
• Confined Space Work
• Lockout-Tagout Work
• Trenching Work
• Silica Exposure Work
• Lead Exposure Work
• Respirator Work

These activities require advanced training and procedures to allow employees to perform the work safely. SafetyTech Consultants has years of experience in providing both the procedures and the training for these types of work. If you have an upcoming project that involves any of these situations, we can help you plan ahead and have your employees prepared to perform this work with a minimum of risk.